• Lloyd produced his debut album ‘Swapnnam’ in 2002. The applauses that he received for this album motivated him to produce Chandnem (2003). Jaadu (2005) , Ravller (2006) , Mhojea Deva (2007) , Ye Mana (2007) , Dabak Daba Baila (2009) , Kainch Mkhaka Naka (2010) , Ankor (2011) , Xetam Merer (2011) and Chandare (2013) are the other albums which he produced along with Roshan D’Souza.
  • Lloyd along with Roshan D’Souza and Adolf Jayathilak has produced a masterpiece known ‘Ye Mana’ in 2007. The music album Ye Mana set a new trend in the field of Konkani music with the incorporation of western styles. What set a standard in Konkani Music was Xetam Merer in 2011, a joint venture by Lloyd, Roshan, Adolf Jayathilak and Lavita Lobo. ’Xetam Merer’ album won ’The best Konkani Album of 2011’ Global Music Award.
  • In 2013, Lloyd and Roshan produced yet another trend setter 'Chandare'. Unlike the previous Music Albums released by this duo, Chandare incorporates Indian styles and Fusion Music. Chandare displayed its novelty through its Konkani Gazal. Sangeeth Guru Joel Periera, Roshan D’Souza and Lloyd Rego partook in the creation of this Konkani Gazal which won the hearts and appreciation of many. ’Chandare’ album won ’The best Konkani Album of 2013’ Global Music Award.
  • Lloyd is the recipient of Karnataka Sahitya Academy Award for his well known work ‘Phalgunicho Vhallo.’
  • Lloyd was declared as the Poet of the Year 1999 by Mannd Sobhan.
  • Lloyd worked as an editor of Konkani monthly Mithr for 7 years.
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