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Mangalore, Dec 8, 2007 : Konkani music has come a long way and so have listeners! Innovation and creativity have been the mantras of Konkani music in the last few years. Youngsters, who earlier would swear only by likes of Iglesias and Sonu Nigams are now appreciating their very own Konkani music. And for this, the credit goes to our composers, musicians and singers, who have tried to keep up with the changing trends in music and have kept Konkani music alive. At the same time it is encouraging that Konkani music lovers have supported local artistes by buying their albums and attending Konkani music shows in large numbers.

This support and encouragement by music buffs has indeed inspired young Konkani musicians to give something refreshing and new to the music field. Innovations have been fruitful as they have helped in raising the standard of Konkani music without harming anyone or anything.

With this same view, another innovation, which is first-of-its-kind in Konkani music is all set to rock the Konkani music buffs soon.  Well-known Konkani singer Adolf Jayatilak who has over the years carved a niche for himself with his melodious singing has dared to do something different.  He has produced ‘Ye Mana’, the first-ever Konkani solo music album. Ye Mana which has 10 melodious and foot-tapping Konkani numbers is soon to be released.

Speaking to Daijiworld Adolf said that he is indeed proud to produce this album which has the rich lyrics of none other than young but established Lloyd Rego (Elyer Taccode).  Master musician Roshan D’Souza Angelore, a familiar name among Konkani music lovers, has scored the background music for the album.

Adolf says “The support that the musicians are getting from Konkani speaking people in the past few years did encourage us to make something different, something memorable, something which would be pleasing… and the result is exciting. I am sure you will all like it too. What we have tried is to incorporate different styles of music so as to reach out to almost every kind of listener, including the youngsters (at heart). We have two pure soft rock numbers for them. Our two youngsters, musician Roshan D’Souza and lyricist Lloyd Rego have worked so very hard that their talent shows in every composition. To top it all we were fortunate to get the best of musicians to play for our album. Theo Alvares from Bombay for trumpet, Gangadas from Cochin for percussions, Rison from Trichur for flute, Josie John from Kottayam on base Guitar, Mangalorean Lionel for keyboards and our very own Alwyn Fernandes for guitar… icing on the cake!!”

This is indeed very good news to all.  Quality production has taken over from quantity production these days.  People who used to ask as what is unique about Konkani music have found answer with each new album.  Youngsters have not only spent money on production but have also put in their heart and soul in order to give the best to the listeners and have tried to match their contemporaries of other languages. This augurs well not only to Konkani music but to culture and tradition as well.  The younger generation which was drifting from Konkani has made a willing comeback and have unearthed the richness of Konkani in their own style.

But there is one problem of piracy which hurts the musicians most. Pirate CDs not only weaken producers’ wallet but they also distort the quality of music. Adolf who has spent maximum possible in order to give the best music for the listeners has also made an ardent plea with the Konkani buffs to buy the original CDs and support this mission of preserving language and music and taking it to dizzy heights.

He further says “Your honest feedback would definitely help us do a better job next time!”.  So why not we join our hands with Adolf, Lloyd and Roshan in taking Konkani music to greater heights and putting it on par with the best in the business? 

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