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About Norbert Show

Will be held on Saturday December 20, 2008 evening at St Agnes Special School Grounds at Bendore, Mangalore

Norbert Pereira along with Mangalore's well-known voices will present a top-class show which will include some scintilating Salsa, Jive, Rock and Pop numbers

Background music will be scored by Roshan D'Souza Angelore, a musician of great repute

Eddie Sequeira along with Jerry Rasquinha will be managing the entire event as comperes

Richard Lewis, who has earned great reputation as one of Kannada's premier humourist too will be present with his rib-tickling comedy. He will ably assited by Joseph and Jerry Rasquinha

'Thunder Guys' dance troupe will present scintillating performance to the tunes of Norbert.

About Mithr

'Mithr' saw the light of the day for the first time under the editorship of the late Jo Sa Alvares in 1953. It was run successfully by renowned Konkani writers and journalists Austin Prabhu and Dolphy Cascia before it came under the banner of 'Sangati Media' run by us in 2003.

About Us

We foursome-Lloyd Rego, Richard Kavtar, Vitori Karkal and Rony Fernandes, established 'Sangati Media' in 2003 with a clear vision of serving Konkani. Our first step in this regard was to take over 'Mithr' from the able hands of Dolphy Cascia. Eversince we have published 'Mithr' continuously despite storms that often rocked our smooth sailing. We had taken up a responsibility which we have shouldered with great aplomb. We have received complete support from Konkani buffs and our readers in our mission. Despite facing a lot of hurdles, mainly owing to the spiralling prices in the printing industry, we have never allowed hurdles to obstruct our mission. We have been able to carve a niche for ourselves in Konkani media world owing over the years since we have worked sincerely and strived for justice always. Eversince one of Konkani's master poets Andrew L D'Cunha joined hands with us in April 2008, we have been strengthened further to carry out our mission and provide best of services to our esteemed readers.

About Norbert

Edward Norbert Pereira, who hails from Angelore in Mangalore, perhaps does not need any introduction.  Despite being a talented composer and able singer, he has never performed in Mangalore's stage. His musical journey which started in 1973 has been a phenomenal one. He has performed alongside Konkani's top singers such as Wilfy Rebimbus, Henry D'Souza, Melwyn Peris, Claud D'Souza and others.  He has also played as a drummer for Band “The Desert Rocks”  for 12 years in Doha Qatar. 'Prathver Kallok Manddtana', 'Lharam', 'Mariya', 'Mira' are some of his songs which are a class apart. He has already released 3 melodious Konkani CDs too. He has been a winner of various inter-college singing competitions with prizes in Hindi Solo and group singing in the year 1976 – 1977. He was the winner of “Konkani Singing Competition” organized by Konkani Natak Sabha, Mangalore in the year 1976-1977. His new Konkani album 'Naach Tum Naach' will be released on this auspicious occasion.

It is our long-time ambition to provide him an apt stage to showcase his talent at Bendore where he is residing at present.

About Richard Lewis

A renowned humourist in Kannada. Though he hails from Mangalore, he has maded Bangalore as his current residence. His shows such as 'Harate', Hasyotsava' etc in various Kannada channels have been very popular. He will be a star attraction of Norbert show as he is all set to send the audience on waves of laughter through his jokes and skits in Konkani and Kannada.

Eddie Sequeira and Jerry Rasquinha

They are a two-man army of Konkani. For years together they have been known as top-class comperes in Konkani. While Eddie Sequeira is known for his powerful and stylish presentation skills, mostly during a number of Wilfy Nites, Jerry Rasquinha perhaps is the numer uno compere in Konkani these days. Each one of them possesses a unique style and they have a special capacity to keep up not only the tempo of the programme but also to attract audience with their blend of superb vocabulary and powerful presentation skills.

Music Director - Roshan D'Souza

If there's a musician who has scaled great heights of recent in Konkani music world, it has to Roshan D'Souza Angelore. A regular at Mandd Sobhann shows throughout the world, Roshan has scored background music to hundreds of music shows and Konkani music albums. An innovative musician, he excels in creating what the listener wants. His recent venture 'Ye Mana' has been much appreciated by music buffs.

Thunder Guys

These guys do give a thundering presentation and they always receive a thunderous applause. Thunder Guys, a professional music troupe led by Suraj Shetty from Bajpe, is one of the few professional dance troupes that has been presenting regular shows along the coastal belt. Stunning little children who present an equally stunning.

Why Norbert Show ?

To provide an apt stage for a great and deserving Konkani musician
To support and encourage Konkani music and musicians
To celebrate the 55 anniversary of Mithr
To strengthen Mithr further in order to reach greater heights in Konkani journalism

We Need You and Your Support

You have been our prime strength always. It is mainly owing to your continuous support that we have been able to travel thus far in our mission. You have supported and encouraged us in various forms over the years. We will ever be grateful to you in this regard. Now as we embark on another project to strengthen 'Mithr' in particular and Konkani journalism in general we plead you to stand by us and help us reach our goal.

This is How You Can Strengthen us

Rs 25,000 - Sponsor for Music or Stage
Rs 20,000 – Sponsor for publicity
Rs 15,000 – Sponsor for Sound & Lights
Rs 10,000 - Sponsor for seating arrangements
Rs 5,000   - Sponsor for jokes or dance or Banners
Rs 2,000   - Song sponsor
Rs 1,000   - Well-wisher

Mithr Konkani Weekly
C/o Sangathi Media
#23,3rd Floor, Emporium Complex
Kankanady, Mangalore - 575002

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