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Roshan D’Souza of Angelore and Lloyd Rego of Taccode duo is Successful Konkani musicians for their innovative experiments in Konkani musical sphere. Roshan is a talented music composer and musical artiste, while Lloyd is a poet, composer of music. Their songs in the Konkani CDs – Jadu, Ye Mana, Ravller, Mhojea Deva, Ankor are much loved and appreciated by music-buffs.

Among the several CDs, ‘Ye Mana’ in which Adolph Jayatilak has rendered voice is much popular among Konkani speaking community. The veterans of Konkani musicians – the late Wilfy Rebimbus, Eric Ozario, Joel Pereira, Alwyn Fernandes and majority of Konkani musicians have lauded the CD Ye Mana.

‘Xetam Merer’ CD presented by both Roshan and Lloyd has 16 different segments of songs, with voices from famous musicians Adolph Jayatilak and ‘Rani Kogul’ Lavita Lobo and it will be released on Thursday December 22, at Sandesha Mangalore. The CD has all songs of musical excellence, which is produced by Ivan Lobo family of Angelore along with Ye Mana musicians.

The salient features of Xetam Merrer CD

There are significant characteristics that justify the excellence of ‘Xetam Merer’ CD in Konkani musical world.

  • Roshan Angelore who has vast knowledge in Konkani music has composed the music for the CD. He contributes his individual taste that has been likened by the music-buffs. His composed music in CDs Nilya Gaganar, Kashengi Aaj, Moga Mhojea, Kenna Kenna, Tum Ye are super hits of all times. He bagged the Mandd Sobhann Global best music composer award on December 11, 2011. This CD is composed and sung by Roshan.
  • Lloyd Rego who was known as Elyar Taccode to Konkani literary world has contributed the literary music. His Konkani songs – Bangar Tum Mojem, Diana, oxim Sopnnam, Dev Borem Korum, Sopnna Montapant, Chandnem, Kulkulo, Ham Mun Ya Na Mun, Koni Na, Dabakdaba are loved by Konkani music-buffs. Gerry Rasquinha has contributed Konkani literature for Setam Merrer CD.
  • The musicians of CD are of top caliber. The lead guitarist Alwyn Fernandes and Sumesh are award winning guitarists. Joci John, the base guitarist is a musician of repute in filmdom. Risan, Saju, Manikantan and Sudhindra are already accomplished musicians.
  • Adolph Jayatilak who is not from Konkani community, but worships Konkani music has given vibrancy to songs in CD. He has been active in Konkani music since the past 3 decades. He is popular because of his unique singing. The lead singing of Adolph Jyatilak plays key role in the success of Ye Mana CD. The Konkani music-buffs go into ecstasy when Adolph sings the songs – Yore Pavsa, Kenna Kenna, Tum Ye etc. His singing of songs – Jiva Mojya, Kenna Tujo, Tujo Sangat are super hits.
  • Seventeen-year-old Lavita Lobo is the lead singer in the CD. She is a parishioner of Angelore, daughter of Ivan Lobo and Philomena Lobo, who mesmerizes the music-buffs with her melodious singing. She bagged the title Rani Kogul in Soad 2 singing competitions that was organized by Mandd Sobhann. Her singing of songs – Raat Aichi,, Xetam Merrer, Thond Thond Varya, Pavxilya Disani are of top class music and this one too is expected to become popular.
  • All the sixteen songs are different – with rock, disco, bangra, baila, waltz, Caribbean, while the song Asatoma: Sadgamaya that was co-arranged by Joel Pereira makes it unique in Konkani music. Konkani veteran singers Eric Ozario, Melvyn Peris and Claude D’Souza‘s song to save environment – Ho Laan Sonsar is a must listen.

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